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Talking about sexuality with young children: educating to protect!

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Tell Me Everything, Marvin is a discussion tool designed to address everything children aged from birth to 5 should know about sexuality. The content of this handbook is tailored to a young child’s comprehension level, and aims to optimize their development as well as encourage them to acquire protective factors against sexual violence. It also provides instructions to adults on various ways to work with children in certain special situations (sexual behaviors, sensitive questions). Finally, it gives childcare workers some guidelines on what they can say to parents who are curious or concerned about their child’s sex education.


Marie-Vincent Foundation and the Lantern Program

Marie-Vincent Foundation is working to build a world free of sexual violence toward children and adolescents. We help children and teens who are victims of sexual violence, as well as their families. This is why we developed the Lantern prevention program.

The Lantern program is a sexual-violence prevention program aimed at preschool-aged children and the adults in their lives. It was developed based on the needs of parents, childcare workers and professionals working with young children in various settings (daycare centres, home daycares, community organizations, etc.).

The Lantern program provides training and tools to help prevent sexual violence through sex education and the promotion of egalitarian relationships. The program is tailored to young children’s developmental stage.

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Sous-titre Talking about sexuality with young children: educating to protect!
Auteur Fondation Marie-Vincent
Catégorie Programme LANTERNE
  • Intimacy
  • Egalitarian gender relationships
  • Respect
  • Sex education
  • Sexual violence prevention
Clientèle ciblée Intervenants
Nombre de page 95
Année 2018
  • English
Éditeur Fondation Marie-Vincent
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